Kid Pilot is set to make a childhood dream come true in VR this May

Kid Pilot is set to make a childhood dream come true in VR this May

In the VR game Kid Pilot, you fly an airplane by hand through colorful worlds. The adventure starts this month.


Who hasn't let their toy plane glide through the air as a child, imagining themselves flying through fantasy worlds?

Mexican studio Flamingo Simulations Systems is making that childhood dream come true. They describe their VR game as follows:

Set against dazzling backdrops of stunning virtual environments, Kid Pilot brings the nostalgia of paper airplanes to an interactive 3D space. Using a unique set of hand gestures, players will turn, tilt, accelerate, and navigate their plane through different aerial challenges. Try your hand at completing obstacle courses, honing your aim during target practice, or exploring the depths of a treacherous volcano. As you complete these sightseeing adventures, earn badges for completing achievements and overcoming challenging boss fights, striving to become a Top Pilot. The sky is the limit!

Kid Pilot will be released on May 23rd on Steam and will cost $20. You can already add it to your wishlist.

I've asked the studio if the VR game will be coming to other VR platforms like Meta Quest and Playstation VR 2, and will update this article if I hear back.


Update from the Studio: "The Quest edition will be released relatively shortly after the Steam VR version. The team is also hard at work to bring Kid Pilot to other VR platforms, which include PSVR 2 and Apple Vision Pro."


Kid Pilot: A unique VR game?

In the press release, the studio goes into more detail about the VR game, mentioning the following features

  • Master of the Skies: Take control of your aircraft with simple hand gestures for multi-directional flight.
  • Continental Explorer: Earn achievement badges to unlock new maps and planes, expanding your world in Kid Pilot!
  • Rise to the Challenge: Adjust your flight pattern to pass through numerous obstacles, whether traversing a tiki maze or enjoying some target practice.
  • Fun for the Whole Family: Kid Pilot’s maps offer a range of challenges, accommodating the skills of every type of player.
  • Fully Immersive: Taking advantage of VR’s 360° dimensions, let yourself fly into distant lands you could only dream of!

Kid Pilot is not the first VR title to let you steer a toy by hand. You do something similar in the shoot-em-up Yuki and the roguelike Crumbling. But Kid Pilot's focus on flying and navigating through beautiful environments could still make it a unique VR game.