Mixed Reality Hot Wheels: Rift Rally now available

Mixed Reality Hot Wheels: Rift Rally now available

April 3, 2023:

Now available for PS5, PS4, and iPhone

Want to race RC cars through your living room from your gaming console? You can soon with this new mixed reality game for Playstation and iPhone.

That Mario Kart game from a few years ago that put you behind the wheel of an RC racer is getting an upgrade with a new mixed reality game from Velan Studios, Hot Wheels: Rift Rally.

Playstation version without VR support

While Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit requires a Nintendo Switch, this new Hot Wheels title works with Playstation 4 and 5. Sadly, no mention was made of PSVR or Playstation VR 2, which would be a unique experience. An iPhone version is coming as well.

Mattel's Hot Wheels hold a special place in the hearts of many kids and adults, so seeing your favorite car spring to life on the big screen should be a great experience for the whole family.

The Playstation already features plenty of high-quality racing titles, but using your own home as a racetrack is what makes Hot Wheels: Rift Rally intriguing. As you play the game, you're actually driving an RC car around your house, and the course can be customized by moving four physical gates that the RC cars navigate through.

The mixed reality experience is enhanced with graphics, so you can enjoy tricked-out Hot Wheels race cars that can pop wheelies, do jumps, spins, and burnouts. It's much more than simply driving an RC car around on the floor!


Hot Wheels: Rift Rally Chameleon Car

Hot Wheels: Rift Rally Collectors Edition Chameleon RC car | Image: Velan Studios

Not exactly cheap, but you get quite a bit of hardware for your money

Hot Wheels: Rift Rally will launch on the Playstation Store and the iOS App Store on March 14, 2023. To play on that day, you'll need to pre-order the radio control Chameleon Car which includes an onboard camera to broadcast a live feed from the car to your screen.

There are two versions, the Hot Wheels: Rift Rally Standard Edition for $130 and the Collectors Edition, which comes in black and unlocks a McLaren Senna in the game, for $150. Both are available for pre-order now.

The price would be quite high for a standard racing game, but it might be worth the expense since you get to set up tracks in your own home and race from the unique perspective of a small RC car.

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