Horizon Worlds Update 165: Meta introduces memory limit coming in July

Horizon Worlds Update 165: Meta introduces memory limit coming in July

Attention VR world builders: Starting in July 2024, Horizon Worlds will have a new storage limit of 6 GB per world. We'll let you know what you need to be aware of.


Horizon Worlds, the social VR platform from Meta, has released version 165. The update brings several usability improvements, including the ability to invite multiple people to a world at once instead of having to invite them individually.

There are also updates to the enforcement of world storage limits to prevent the app from crashing, as well as a new real-time performance metrics tool for creators.

As of July 12, 2024, the new 6 GB storage limit will apply to all worlds. If a world exceeds this limit, creators will no longer be able to add additional objects and assets or publish their world. Meta recommends that creators ensure that their published worlds are also within this limit.

The new real-time performance metrics tool is designed to help creators understand the memory usage of their worlds and view performance metrics in build and visitor mode, as well as the overall world frame rate and the metrics that affect it.

In addition, a few bugs have been fixed, such as white instead of black icons for the camera buttons, and a bug that could cause elements created at the beginning of the world to not trigger their completion callback.



Horizon Worlds is growing in popularity

In a conference call with investors, Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Horizon Worlds is now one of the top 10 most used apps on Quest. “Horizon is growing fast,” he said, announcing an “exciting roadmap.” This year, Meta plans to focus on developing both the mobile and VR versions of Horizon.

Last year, Meta released a number of high-quality in-house productions for the platform, including Super Rumble, Citadel, and Shootball, and launched a beta for a mobile and web version of Horizon Worlds.

Despite graphical shortcomings and Internet jokes about its comic-book avatars, the growing user base may also be due to Meta's increasing integration of its own proto-metaverse into the quest interface. A few months ago, the Explore Feed was renamed the Horizon Feed, which offers Horizon Worlds destinations and cannot be turned off.

Horizon Worlds launched in the US and Canada in December 2021, and has since been slowly rolled out to other countries. German Quest users are still waiting for access to Meta's Metaverse platform.

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