Horizon Worlds: Meta offers crash courses and prize money

Horizon Worlds: Meta offers crash courses and prize money

Meta now offers training for VR developers who want to create worlds for the Horizon Worlds Metaverse platform.

Horizon Worlds launched in the U.S. and Canada in late 2021. Since the platform stands and falls with user-generated content, Meta wants and needs to attract new creators for Horizon Worlds.

Last October, the company announced $10 million worth of prize money. Now Meta is offering further incentives: aspiring Oculus developers can sign up for crash courses and learn how to build worlds for Horizon Worlds.

Those who take part can also benefit from grants and prize money. Meta is providing around 500,000 US dollars for this purpose.

Worlds crash courses: These are the advantages

Meta offers participants the following, among other things:


  • A Horizon Worlds training camp to learn how to use the Creator tools,
  • support from meta-experts,
  • access to leading Horizon Worlds creators,
  • opportunities to provide feedback that will be used in the development of Horizon Worlds,
  • and the chance to receive funding or win prize money.

Participation is conditional on being part of Meta's Oculus Start or Oculus Launch Pad support initiatives. Oculus Start supports developers who want to publish a VR app. Those who qualify get free hardware and technical support. Oculus Launch Pad, on the other hand, supports developers with different backgrounds.

Horizon Worlds: Expansion to smartphones

Since Horizon Worlds is currently only available in the U.S. and Canada, only citizens from these countries can participate in the VR courses. It is not known when the Metaverse platform will expand to Europe.

The only announcement was an expansion to mobile devices, which is expected to happen this year. Horizon Worlds currently only supports the Meta Quest 2 and Oculus Rift (S). It would therefore be the first time that the Metaverse platform opens up to the 2D format. It needs that for significant user numbers and relevance.

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