Meta launches Beta for "Members-only Spaces" in Horizon Worlds

Meta launches Beta for

Meta is testing the new members-only spaces in Horizon Worlds. It is designed to give users more control over their virtual worlds.

Horizon Worlds allows users to create their own virtual worlds. They can choose to allow access to everyone or only to selected people.

Members-only worlds are private worlds that are only accessible to specific groups. This allows players to enjoy exclusive virtual reality experiences together without having to worry about uninvited guests.

Members-only Spaces rolling out for random groups

The feature has been in alpha testing since January 2023. Now Meta starts the beta test.

"Alongside the creators who are already participating in the alpha test, we’ll slowly roll out the ability to create members-only worlds to a randomized group of people with access to Worlds." In addition, "People with access to the beta test will now have the ability to make visible members-only worlds – and anyone with access to Meta Horizon Worlds will be able to search for and request to join those members-only worlds, helping people grow their communities, find and make new ones in Worlds. "


Owners of members-only spaces also have access to a dashboard. They will be able to view reports from members about unwanted incidents and respond accordingly. The dashboard was created based on feedback from users, collaboration with outside experts, and other findings from the alpha test, Meta said.

Criticism of Horizon Worlds

Meta strives to regularly update Horizon Worlds with new features. It is unclear who moderates members-only spaces and what rights and responsibilities creators and members have. Meta recently drew the ire of many users when it removed the ability to create your own events from the VR platform.

Lowering the age limit for Horizon Worlds from 18 to 13 has also been criticized. At least, Meta is working on new safety features for (young) users. Recently, control tools for parents and retreat options for users were introduced.

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