Die hard: Meta kills Horizon Worlds bit by bit

Die hard: Meta kills Horizon Worlds bit by bit

Meta is shutting down the ability to create your own events in Horizon Worlds. A setback for creators looking to build communities on the VR platform.

Meta is shutting down the ability to create your own events in Horizon Worlds. Events were a way to invite other users into your world and create shared experiences.

Why is Meta shutting down events?

Meta's reason for the deactivation is that the event function is not up to its own quality standards.

"As we’ve refocused our development in Worlds toward improving the overall quality of the platform, we’ve taken added time to revisit some legacy features that are not living up to our renewed quality standards", Meta writes in the update notes for Horizon Worlds version 109. "As part of this effort, we’ve made the decision to discontinue the event creation tool."

In a message on Discord, Meta added that "it is obvious that our current event system is not meeting the needs of our community."

What does this mean for the future of Horizon Worlds?

Horizon Worlds already suffers from lack of users. The situation will certainly not improve with Meta opening Horizon Worlds to teens, but removing important social features for regular users.


Already in October 2022, Meta had to halve the user forecast for Horizon Worlds. It is also reported that not even Meta's employees are using Horizon Worlds.

Horizon Worlds is supposed to be a platform where people can come together to play, work and exchange ideas. It is also a place where creators can build their own worlds. The fact that Meta is now removing a feature that is supposed to bring people together and allow them to share experiences contradicts the original purpose.

At least there is a glimmer of hope, as the Discord message also states: "It is too early for us to say what the long term future holds for creator events in Worlds, but when we have more to share, our creators will be the first to know." Maybe the event feature will return in some other form.

However, it's questionable what Meta's long-term goal is with this project. Burying it completely may seem reasonable now, but might not make sense in the long run - after all, part of the metaverse is supposed to consist of social platforms like this one day. If Meta has a long-term plan for Horizon Worlds, they're certainly not doing a good job of communicating it.

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