You can play Hellblade II in VR, here's how it looks

You can play Hellblade II in VR, here's how it looks

Ninja Theory may have decided not to add VR support to Senua's Saga: Hellblade II, but the PC VR fan community has a solution.


Senua's Saga: Hellblade II can be experienced in virtual reality thanks to Praydog's UEVR mod, provided you have a high-end PC.

You can play in first or third person and your head movements are tracked. This means you can lean forward to see Senua up close.

A UEVR profile can be downloaded from the Flat2VR community discord server. You can find the links below.

Flat2VR writes in a post on X about Hellblade II in VR:

"If you have a beefy PC (think 4090), Hellblade 2 is one of the best-looking VR experiences you can see in VR today! [...] It’s quite the jaw-dropping experience utilizing many of Unreal Engine 5’s advanced features."

There is a ten-minute video on YouTube (see above) showing the VR version in action.


Hellblade II in VR: All the links to get you started

While an official VR version was released for the first Hellblade, Ninja Theory decided against VR support for the sequel.

The remedy is UEVR, an injector developed by VR modder Praydog that makes almost any UE4 and UE5 flatscreen title playable with VR headsets, including many AAA games.


The universal mod does not include profiles with customizations for individual games. You can create your own profiles or download them from the Flat2VR community discord server.

Setting up UEVR and tinkering with profiles can be time-consuming, but here are the key links to get you started:

At the time of writing, only the Gamepass version of Hellblade II seems to work well in VR (see X post above), but that could change.