A new mod makes more than 11,000 PC games playable in VR

A new mod makes more than 11,000 PC games playable in VR

Praydog's long-awaited UEVR mod has been released in beta, bringing a plethora of Unreal Engine games to VR.



UEVR is an open source framework that makes almost any game based on Unreal Engine 4 and 5 playable on a modern VR headset, including many AAA titles.

Some of the first games that are said to work well in virtual reality are Atomic Heart, High On Life, Returnal, and Robocop. Third-person titles are also particularly good to play with the mod.

UEVR is a pure injector and doesn't include any code, profiles, or customizations for individual games. A website and an app are in the works where you will able to see what games you can play and how well they work in VR.


The list of features is long. Here are some of them:

  • Full 6DOF support out of the box (HMD movement)
  • Full stereoscopic 3D out of the box
  • Native UE4/UE5 stereo rendering system
  • Frontend GUI for easy process injection
  • 3 rendering modes: Native Stereo, Synchronized Sequential, and Alternating/AFR
  • Automatic handling of most in-game UI so it is projected into 3D space
  • Optional 3DOF motion controls out of the box in many games, essentially emulating a semi-native VR experience
  • Optional roomscale movement in many games, moving the player character itself in 3D space along with the headset


Praydog became known for his Resident Evil mods. You can support his work via Patreon.



Below are the important links and resources for UEVR:

Official website

Guides and help



UEVR is the most ambitious modding project of the Flat2VR scene to date, and could add a VR dimension to a variety of flat games for the first time, from which PC VR and the medium in general can only benefit.

Please note that many games may need a lot of tweaking and customization. A database and game profile launcher may make it easier to access and use UEVR in the future. Many newer, larger, and more complex games will also require a high-end PC.