Headstrap review: Does Globular Cluster improve PSVR 2 comfort?

Headstrap review: Does Globular Cluster improve PSVR 2 comfort?

From excessive sweating to pressure points on your forehead and nose: The PSVR 2 is not comfortable on every head. A headstrap set is here to help.

The new, modular headstrap set "Globular Cluster CMP2 - Comfortable Mod for PS VR 2" from Shenzhen is not only bulky in name. As I open the box, a whole cluster of accessories tumbles towards me. Included are three different pads for the forehead and back of the head, a anti-slip rubber cover for the back and two head bands – one of which is padded.

Before you can enjoy the increased comfort, a little tinkering is required. To remove the small hooks and eyes from the Playstation VR 2's standard pad, use the mini-crowbar supplied. Gordon Freeman sends his regards!

Globular Cluster: Comfort Mod for PSVR 2

In principle, the exchange can be done in a few minutes. However, you must be careful not to bend the flexible but thin plastic clips unnecessarily. Don't just pull them off impatiently, as in Sony's disassembly trailer for the PSVR 2. Instead press the small "crowbar" into the cracks to loosen the connections. Just as shown in the Globular Cluster instructions or in the assembly video.

Then you click the new holders onto the front and back as described, thread in a headband with or without padding and you're good to go. You can now try out the different head pads. They stick to the new holders with their Velcro surface and can be replaced quickly after the initial installation.

The large, round back padding and head straps distribute the weight of the VR headset more comfortably than the original. However, people with a large nose or a short back of the head may have problems with the modification. I found it a little tight on my neck and the bridge of my nose at first (the latter due to contact with the lenses). After a few minutes, however, the problem disappeared as the pads adapted to the shape of my head.

As a bald person, the soft, breathable, grey fabric-covered front and back pads are a real blessing! The bare skin on my head is no longer in direct contact with a flat plastic surface. Even after an hour of climbing in Horizon: Call of the Mountain and hitting all kinds of stuff in What the Bat, not a drop runs down my temple.

The contents of the comfort kit on a table in front of a PSVR 2.

Here, a front pad is already attached to the front via Velcro, but not yet to the back. | Image: Globular Cluster

I also like a slightly firmer front gel pad with three layers (gel, foam, fabric). Unfortunately, the others ones all have a smooth plastic or synthetic leather surface, which makes them unusable for me. People with more hair on their heads may still be happy with them. They are all equally comfortable. This is especially true of a soft but firm back cushion with multiple gel chambers.

PSVR2 mod: Assembly with a crowbar

If you prefer not to use a "mini crowbar" to pry open your expensive VR headset, you should try the "Head Strap Cover Set for PlayStation VR2" from VR Cover. This is a simple fabric cover with a Velcro fastening that slips over the original pads and also comes with a headband. The simple solution allows for less experimentation, but sits just as comfortably on my skull and also helps tremendously against sweat!


Whether one of the two headband sets also prevents uncomfortable pressure points, I cannot say. Unlike my colleague Ben, I haven't had this problem with any VR headset so far. I suspect that the gel pads of Globular Cluster could make a big difference here - in contrast to the simple "fabric cover" from VR Cover.

Incidentally, both head straps were effective in preventing the VR headset from slipping, so that the sharp sweet spot remained in the centre of my eyes even during fast-paced sports games.


Globular Cluster's pleasantly versatile Comfort Mod set actually makes the Playstation VR 2 a little more comfortable, as it distributes the weight better on the head. For bald heads, it also helps a lot to prevent sweating. Going back to the original is no longer an option for me!

The "Globular Cluster CMP2 - Comfortable Mod for PS VR 2" is currently available from the official store for $49.99. However, due to high demand, it is currently sold out. Those interested can sign up for future units via email, Facebook message or the official Discord.

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