PSVR 2 VR Cover accessory kit aims to ease comfort issues

PSVR 2 VR Cover accessory kit aims to ease comfort issues

From pressure points to excessive sweating: A set of accessories from VR-Cover aims to alleviate many of the Playstation VR 2's comfort issues.

The PSVR 2 allows for amazing VR graphics, but suffers from comfort issues depending on the shape of your head. Some users have already hacked their way out of the Halo strap's poor fit and pressure points. Sweat under the plastic padding can even compromise the VR headset's technology.

A three-piece accessory set from VR Cover is designed to alleviate all these problems without affecting the warranty. Instead of modifying the hardware itself, buyer:ins simply wrap their PSVR 2 with two fabric covers. The two wraparound covers for the front and back padding are said to reduce and absorb sweat.

More comfort for the PSVR 2

The two washable covers with Velcro fasteners are each made of two layers of tightly woven cotton to prevent the formation of foam from perspiration.

In the style of other VR headsets, there is also a length-adjustable headband. It attaches to the sides of the halo strap with Velcro and takes some weight and pressure off the front and back of the head. It also relieves pressure on the neck and shoulders, according to the accessory maker. The principle is similar to many other VR headsets with similar top head straps.

The PSVR 2, on the other hand, practically "clamps" the skull between the front and back air cushions. With the right head shape, such a "halo strap" can be very comfortable. After all, the VR headset hangs loosely in front of your eyes - with no pressure on your face and enough room for your glasses.


But as is often the case, comfort in virtual reality is highly subjective. With Sony's new headband design in particular, some customers complained about an uncomfortable fit and sweat problems.

The three-piece "Head Strap Cover Set for PlayStation VR2" has been available in the European VR Cover Store for 29 Euros since May 4 and sold out within a few hours of going on sale. Replenishment is expected to follow early next week. VR Cover recommends interested buyers to try their luck on Monday, May 8th. A second batch is expected then.

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