Impressive VR construction simulation announced for Playstation VR 2

Impressive VR construction simulation announced for Playstation VR 2

A German developer is working on a mix of The Settlers and Black & White with intuitive resident pickup for Playstation VR 2.

The construction simulator Townsmen VR (review) seems like the ideal use for the haptic triggers of the Playstation VR 2 (info). Already in the PC VR game, you pick up components and the cute inhabitants directly with the VR controllers to maneuver them on the right path or assign them tasks.

This could feel even more believable with the counter-pressure of the haptic triggers. Developer Handygames announced a launch release for the new VR headset on February 22, 2023. The game will be available on Playstation Network and in hardcopy from Handygames' parent company THQ Nordic, both for $39.99.

Immersive building for PS VR 2

The studio promises a "more lifelike feel" on Playstation VR 2 during interactions with construction units, farmers, hunters, and soldiers. Finger-tracking of the controllers provides more precision. Thanks to the novel haptic feedback in the VR headset, even the weather and disasters like earthquakes become tangible.

The gameplay mixes the genre of God games (like Populous by Peter Molyneux) with a classic building game. Small villagers carry materials from one place to another, work on scaffolding or ore veins, smelt iron and gold, stir the cooking pot, shoot rabbits and deer, raise livestock, and beat up invaders.

The project was in development for over five years. In Early Access, it got a lot of fine-tuning. This includes a suitable bird's eye view that can be easily zoomed in.


The PS VR 2 implementation offers 13 islands, 20 expandable buildings, a campaign, and a free sandbox mode. Our colleague Ben was completely immersed in the game when he tested Townsmen VR for PC VR and praised it as a milestone for virtual reality:

"The Settlers diorama comes to real virtual life in VR and makes me forget about time and surroundings. The controls are intuitive and well-thought-out, there are many buildings and professions, and each campaign map is as varied and exciting as the last. The accompanying story of the 15-level campaign is also excellent and humorously told."

Competition for Cities VR?

The addictive hustle and bustle could become a competitor for Cities VR (review) on the Playstation VR 2. The spin-off of the popular series Cities: Skylines could not convince in the review for Quest 2, predominantly due to cumbersome menus and technical problems.

Developer Fast Tavel Games could easily fix the latter on Sony's more powerful system. We also hope for a better user interface in Cities VR.

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