"Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game" - Release date announced


Publisher Fast Travel Games has now announced that Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game will be released exclusively on Meta Quest 2 on March 23 and will cost $19.99. Those who order before the release date can secure a 10 percent discount.


The VR spin-off to the popular strategy game Stellaris will launch on Meta Quest 2 with hand tracking support. There's also new info on We Are One, Everslaught Invasion, and more.

Publisher Fast Travel Games is announcing a slew of updates to upcoming VR games. Among other things, Stellaris spin-off Ghost Signal is set to support Meta Quest 2's Hand tracking 2.0 at release.

Hand tracking for Stellaris VR spin-off Ghost Signal

At this year's Gamescom, we had the opportunity to play Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game (Preview). The action-packed rogue-lite tactics game sends you as a VR commander on a search for a mysterious ghost signal.

You'll fly through different levels with the spaceship Aurora, collecting resources and fighting against enemy spaceships. They will attack you in waves, while you navigate the optimal route and take the enemies under fire.

The announced hand tracking 2 support for Quest 2 lets you access menus via hand gestures. Moving the spaceship and around the action will also be possible via gestures. The following video shows what this looks like.


Whether the hand control is precise enough to navigate safely in hectic situations remains to be seen. In the similar game Eternal Starlight, the hand control quickly became fiddly.


New features for We Are One & Everslaught Invasion & more presented

Broken Edge

Besides Ghost Signal, other Fast Travel Games games are also getting new features. The already released Broken Edge (Preview) will be expanded with a new fighter, the Viking, which is supposed to expand the possibilities for VR duelists with its fighting style. The update will be free and should be released early next year.

We Are One

Our Gamescom favorite We Are One, which you can currently try out in a demo version via App Lab on the Quest 2, is scheduled for an official release for Meta Quest 2 and SteamVR in May 2023. In a trailer, the developers present a forest level and the new slingshot, which you can use for the tricky time jump puzzles.

Everslaught Invasion

The action-packed VR co-op game Everslaught Invasion (Preview) introduces its progression system in a new trailer.


Guardians Frontline

The sci-fi shooter known from Meta's App Lab as "Guardians" now gets the name addition "Frontline". When Guardians Frontline launches early next year on Meta Quest 2 and SteamVR, you'll be able to create your own maps with an extensive map editor and share them with friends.