Gambit: VR co-op shooter in the style of Payday 2 coming this year

Gambit: VR co-op shooter in the style of Payday 2 coming this year

VR co-op shooter Gambit has emerged from obscurity with new information and a release date.

After Gambit was announced in June 2020, it was initially quiet about the co-op shooter. Developer XREAL Games put the VR game on hold for the time being to focus on the implementation of the military shooter Zero Caliber Reloaded for Meta Quest (2).

An update on Steam now confirms that Gambit is scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2022 for PC VR and Quest 2.

Gambit: Gameplay and Story

Up to four mercenaries then start in co-op raids and rob a train, among other things. Boss fights and dynamic mechanics like climbing indicate fast gameplay in virtual reality. Three chapters with nine levels are supposed to offer over 20 hours of gameplay in a "pre-apocalyptic" setting.

The Steam description indicates that unlocks will play an important role. "Dozens" of firearms are planned, as well as a "plethora" of attachments, skins, masks as well as graffiti. Chainsaws as well as bow and arrow are also efficient life support tools in the pre-apocalypse, it seems. In addition, a multiplayer deathmatch and tournaments are in the works. XREAL's in-house team 2nd Gig is responsible for the development.


The story of Gambit: Shortly before the collapse of society, the four antiheroes have made a mess of their biggest heist to date. After the disaster, Frank, Udo, Cody and Kevin naturally no longer have a good reputation with the former client. XREAL has not yet revealed what role this new enemy will have in the gameplay. So far, there is only a short teaser trailer from 2020, without gameplay scenes or a more detailed explanation of the story.

Gambit release only for Meta Quest 2 and PC VR for now

Quest 1 will not be supported, the studio said in the official Discord. The focus on Meta's current VR headset should ensure that planned updates are not technically slowed down. By the way: Only free updates are mentioned on Steam for now.

It is unclear whether this will free up resources for the completion of the PC VR version of Zero Caliber. The military shooter is still in Early Access on Steam.

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