Furnish your dream home in Mixed Reality with this ingenious app

Furnish your dream home in Mixed Reality with this ingenious app

The Planner 5D visionOS app lets you design your dream home with Vision Pro. The latest update also introduces spatial video chat between interior designers and their clients.


Planner 5D, an interior design platform, is adding a spatial communication component to its visionOS app. With real-time spatial video support, users can now share and demonstrate designs directly in a video call. This live interaction is designed to improve collaboration between designers and clients and reduce misunderstandings, the company said in a press release.

With Planner 5D, users can view 3D design projects in great detail, experiment with furniture and finishes, and explore renderings and 360-degree panoramas in Vision Pro's fully immersive mode.

Once installed, you can configure a project according to room specifications and select fixtures and furniture from the Planner 5D catalog. Finally, you can view the project in full size from multiple perspectives, such as 3D views, 360-degree panoramas or photorealistic renderings.


New possibilities for designers through mixed reality

Planner 5D launched its visionOS app earlier this year. The platform offers interior design tools for both home users and professional interior designers. These include an extensive object library, detailed customization options, 4K renderings and AI-powered design technologies.

To get the most out of the application, Planner 5D offers different subscriptions. These include access to additional furnishings, color and material editing, rendering, and access to online interior design courses. A free Starter Pack with limited functionality is also available.


Apple Vision Pro is growing in popularity in the B2B space, opening up new possibilities for designers. The headset's high-quality mixed reality capabilities allow virtual elements to be seamlessly combined with the real world. Apple recently demonstrated several business use cases for the AR/VR headset.

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