Vision Pro: With the free Mixed Reality app AirDraw, you can draw in your environment

Vision Pro: With the free Mixed Reality app AirDraw, you can draw in your environment

AirDraw is a free AR painting app for Vision Pro that lets you create 3D Mixed Reality paintings with your fingers.


AirDraw is a new free AR drawing app developed by Laan Labs for Apple Vision Pro. It lets you create 3D drawings and doodles in Mixed Reality with your fingers. By turning the environment into a canvas, you can combine physical and digital objects to create 3D paintings.

You can paint with your fingers, adjusting colors, brush size and other parameters with intuitive hand and finger gestures. The application is suitable for both professional 3D artists and individuals who want to relax and have fun while painting in XR. XR developer Justin Ryan has experimented with AirDraw and describes the experience as addictive and therapeutic.


Become an artist with these XR apps

A similar example of creativity in XR is Vermillion for Quest 3, which simulates oil painting. You can paint without needing a physical space for an easel, paints or other tools. Plus, you can export your artwork as a high-resolution image file and print it on real canvas. Vermillion offers different brushes and the ability to mix colors on a virtual palette. However, digital VR painting cannot fully reproduce the tactile quality of traditional painting.

Like AirDraw, Easely is a Mixed Reality app that lets you draw on Meta Quest 2, Quest 3 and Quest Pro. The app uses Mixed Reality to digitally project images onto the physical wall, which users can then trace manually. It also provides access to a pre-built database of images and supports voice control. The app can be downloaded from GitHub and installed via Sidequest.

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