DPVR: New PC VR headset with Ultraleap hand tracking announced

DPVR: New PC VR headset with Ultraleap hand tracking announced

DPVR presents the E4 Arc, a new VR headset with Ultraleap hand tracking, aimed primarily at arcades and corporate environments.


DPVR has announced the launch of the new E4 Arc VR headset with hand tracking support. The variant of the DPVR E4 PC VR headset is equipped with a Leap Motion Controller 2 hand tracking camera from Ultraleap.

Ultraleap's Leap Motion 2 provides a tracking range of between 10 and 110 cm and a maximum field of view of 160° x 160°. The E4 Arc is also equipped with a "turbo cooling system", which is said to feature an improved fan model, optimized vapor chamber and optimized fan operating logic. The headset also features easily replaceable cables for easier maintenance.

According to DPVR, the new model has been designed specifically for VR arcade game makers, corporate training and 3D designers, but is also suitable for home use. The E4 Arc is available for pre-order now and will be available for delivery from May. There are no details on pricing. DPVR only speaks of "consumer price level".



DPVR: Very successful in Asia

DPVR is one of the most successful VR headset manufacturers in Asia. According to IDC, he company ranked second behind Meta as the world's best-selling VR headset in 2021. With the DPVR E4 PC VR headset, DPVR has already achieved sales of around 450,000 units in Asia (as of 2023).

DPVR has worked with companies such as Raw Thrills, LAI Games, International Games System, Wahlap Tech, UNIS Technology and VR 360 Action. The company says it has a strong focus on arcade projects and is constantly working to improve the longevity of its hardware to meet the most demanding commercial requirements.

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