PC VR headset DPVR E4 is getting new cooling system, improved audio & more

PC VR headset DPVR E4 is getting new cooling system, improved audio & more

DPVR announces a major hardware update for the E4 PC VR headset: New cooling technology, improved audio and more comfort await you.


Chinese VR headset manufacturer DPVR has announced a major hardware update for its E4 PC VR headset. The improvements, which are based on user feedback, include a new cooling system and fan module, improved sound, a new cable connection and comfort enhancements.

The modified "Turbo Cooling System" includes cooling vents on both sides of the headset to improve air circulation and ensure efficient cooling. According to DPVR, this should reduce the core temperature by 20 °C.

DPVR has also revamped the E4's audio system. The new built-in stereo speakers are said to offer richer bass and less distortion. The headphone port has also been updated. In addition, the VR headset will now come with wired headphones. DPVR plans to offer headphones designed specifically for the E4 in the coming months.

A more durable 6 meter DP cable with reinforced strain relief and a detachable end will improve the cable connection to the PC. The fit and appearance of the E4 will also be adjusted. The VR headset will now be suitable for children with a head circumference of 53 to 66 cm.


A new Velcro closure on the headband and a magnetic fabric face pad should ensure a secure fit. The E4 will also receive a new UV coating. It is not known when the hardware update will be implemented.

The DPVR E4 VR headset.

DPVR's hardware update for the E4 PC VR headset is designed to significantly improve the user experience. | Image: DPVR


DPVR: Chinese VR manufacturer strives for international presence

DPVR was able to secure new funding of around 14.54 million US dollars in a financing round last year. One of the main investors is the Chinese venture capitalist Qingdao Microelectronics Innovation Capital. The company stated that it intends to use these funds to invest more in its own core technology and product development and to better position itself internationally.

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