Deals: Today only – Pimax Crystal VR headsets $195 off

Deals: Today only – Pimax Crystal VR headsets $195 off

Pimax is reducing the price of the Pimax Crystal and Pimax Crystal Sim VR headsets and eliminating shipping costs, but you have to hurry.

The VR headsets Pimax Crystal and Pimax Crystal Sim are currently $100 cheaper. Pimax also waives shipping costs (around $75). If you order via MIXED (see link below), you will also get a $20 discount. You can save almost $200 on the standard version of the Pimax Crystal.

Important: The offer is only valid for 24 hours! You have to place your order tonight by 11:59 pm at the latest.

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Pimax Crystal & Pimax Crystal Sim in 24-hour deal

Note: The link to the Pimax store leads to an event page. Scroll down a bit and you will see two pictures of the VR headset. Below you will find two small links with the description "buy". These lead to the product page of the respective VR headset, from where you can configure the headsets and complete the purchase.


You can also save money on accessories: If you add the DMAS headphones or the 4.5-meter USB cable to your order, you can save 50%.