Pimax Crystal-Sim: New VR headset announced specifically for VR simulations

Pimax Crystal-Sim: New VR headset announced specifically for VR simulations

Pimax introduces a limited edition of the Crystal hybrid VR headset with specifications optimized for VR simulation.

Chinese VR headset manufacturer Pimax is now offering a new variant of the Pimax Crystal. The Crystal-Sim is specifically designed for VR racing and flight simulations. The limited edition is now available in the Pimax store, starting at $1,449.

Less expensive than the standard Crystal

Pimax does not include a VR controller with the Crystal-Sim, since simulation fans usually use steering wheels or special joysticks and yokes anyway. This makes the price a bit cheaper than the standard Crystal, which starts at $1,599.

Crystal-Sim also has an additional option for a lower frame rate. You can choose between 72, 90 and 120 Hz. The resolution is 2880 × 2880 pixels per eye and Tobii Eye Tracking, which is said to support foveated rendering, is also on board.

Simulation VR headset available in four colors

When purchasing the headset, you can pick one of four limited-edition simulation faceplates, which come in addition to the standard faceplate. There are four different color schemes available: “Sky Blue” and “Sunset Orange” are designed for flight simulations, “Flash Green” and “Ruby Red” for racing games.


The Lighthouse faceplate makes the Pimax Crystal compatible with SteamVR tracking. This gives users who find the Crystal's inside-out tracking not precise enough the option to access Valve's proven Lighthouse system.

Those who opt for the optional Lighthouse faceplate bundle will receive a small discount and pay a total of $1,549. Pimax regularly offers the Lighthouse faceplate for $199. However, it is usually cheaper in a bundle with a VR headset.

Buy Pimax VR Headsets

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