Pimax Crystal: The Lighthouse faceplate is here - and expensive

Pimax Crystal: The Lighthouse faceplate is here - and expensive

The Lighthouse faceplate makes the Pimax Crystal compatible with SteamVR tracking. But the upgrade comes with a hefty price tag.

The Lighthouse Faceplate is specifically designed for the Pimax Crystal and is not compatible with any other Pimax headset.

The product is intended for all Pimax fans who are dissatisfied with the inside-out tracking of the Pimax Crystal or who already have base stations and SteamVR compatible controllers at home. They can now fully switch to the proven sub-millimeter SteamVR tracking.

Compatibility list for Pimax Crystal Lighthouse faceplate.

Compatibility list for Pimax Crystal Lighthouse faceplate. | Image: Pimax

Pimax sells the Lighthouse faceplate for $199 per unit. Those who buy a Pimax Crystal bundled with the Lighthouse faceplate will receive a $100 discount. The promotion is limited to 500 units and lasts for four weeks.

With a second bundle that includes a Pimax Crystal, Lighthouse Faceplate, two base stations and two Pimax Sword controllers, buyers can save $279. This second discount promotion is limited to 100 units and is also valid for four weeks.

Pimax expects the faceplate to be available in the Pimax Store by mid-August.


Pimax Crystal: Promised features are still missing

The Pimax Crystal started shipping in May this year, but without the promised eye tracking and standalone mode, which were not enabled at launch. As far as I know, Pimax has not yet unlocked these features.

Technically, the VR headset trumps with two QLED displays and a MiniLED backlight, resolving at 2,880 by 2,880 pixels and supporting a refresh rate of up to 120 hertz. It also comes with two pairs of aspherical lenses. Users can choose between the 35PPD set with a 140-degree diagonal field of view or a 42PPD variant with a sharper image.

Full specifications can be found on Pimax's homepage.