Dark Souls: Cult game gets VR mode

Dark Souls: Cult game gets VR mode

Dark Souls Remastered can now be played with VR headsets, thanks to PC VR modder Luke Ross.

His mod supports room-filling VR as well as different perspectives: You can play from the protagonist's gaze perspective or from the familiar shoulder view. The height of the camera can also be adjusted.

Like all of Luke Ross' VR mods, the PC VR mod uses Alternate Eye Rendering, a rather power-hungry rendering technique for the stereoscopic display of VR content.

Since Dark Souls Remastered is otherwise quite frugal in terms of hardware, Ross was able to reach 90 frames per second for the first time with current graphics cards.

Luke Ross: VR modder for AAA games

If your computer goes down the tubes with other Ross mods like Elden Ring, Cyberpunk 2077 and GTA 5, Lost Souls Remastered might be worth another try. The mod is only available via Ross' Patreon page, so it's not free. In return, you get access to mods of the above mentioned titles and many more.

Luke Ross is the best known PC VR modder, as he regularly brings big AAA games to virtual reality. His Patreon page has between 2,000 and 3,000 monthly supporters. That's enough for a five-figure income and shows that you can make money with VR mods.

Ross' VR mods do not offer support for VR controllers, as Ross believes this is unnecessary. He controversially argues that the VR industry would be better off today without the early introduction of dedicated controllers.


“Game developers were suddenly expected to create games using a completely different paradigm than they had perfected for many years in the past: everything in their games was now supposed to be interactive and respond to the presence of your virtual hands,” Ross explains. According to Ross, that led to the majority of the gaming industry turning away from virtual reality.

A vibrant PC VR modding scene

In addition to Luke Ross, PC VR modder Praydog has made a name for himself in the scene. Praydog brought many of the more recent Resident Evil games, including Resident Evil 7, to virtual reality and unlike Ross with hand controls.

Eagerly awaited at the moment is Half-Life 2 VR, developed with Valve's blessing, which is scheduled for release in the coming months.

For other high-profile PC VR mods, check out our VR mod list for gaming hits and the PC VR modding community on Discord.

You can download the PC VR mod for Dark Souls Remastered on Luke Ross' Patreon page.