Crazy VR shooter Swarm 2 is a fan favorite on Meta Quest and coming soon to SteamVR

Crazy VR shooter Swarm 2 is a fan favorite on Meta Quest and coming soon to SteamVR

Swing through neon-lit ruins, defeat the Swarm and climb the global leaderboards. Swarm 2 is coming to PC VR this summer.


Greensky Games has announced that Swarm 2, the VR arcade shooter with roguelite elements, will be released for PC VR on July 18, 2024. The VR game will cost just under $25 and can now be added to the wishlist on Steam. There you can play Swarm 2 with all popular PC VR headsets like HTC Vive, Valve Index, Pimax Crystal or Quest 3 via link.


Spider-Man with weapons in VR

Swarm 2 was released for Meta Quest on March 7, 2024 and is very popular in the Horizon Store. With over 300 reviews, the action title has almost a full five-star rating. Its predecessor achieved a similar result with almost 2,800 ratings.

You take on the role of Marv, the last survivor of the Grapple Commando. With your trusty pistol and grappling hook, you will fight the swarm in style and maneuver through the game environment like Spider-Man using a grappling hook system.

With each mission, you become stronger and uncover more of the story. With the help of Auggie and the Shard Tech, you can constantly improve your skills. Dozens of perks are available.


Swarm 2 is designed for replayability: Each encounter with the Swarm is a unique experience thanks to procedurally generated levels, with tactics and strategies that adapt to your growing abilities.

According to the developers, despite the fast-paced gameplay, there's no need to worry about motion sickness. The refined "Smooth Grappling System" turns you into a dynamic pendulum that helps you build momentum by sweeping close to the ground and balancing your swings perfectly.

Check out the trailer below to see what Swarm 2's dynamic gameplay looks like:

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