Conquer the Wild West in Virtual Reality with VR Shooter Black Trail

Conquer the Wild West in Virtual Reality with VR Shooter Black Trail

Discover the secrets of the Gold Rush in Black Trail, a VR western with two playable characters and bounty hunts.


In the VR western Black Trail, you switch between two characters — a native warrior and a bounty hunter. The story is set during the gold rush. After some white men discover ancient artifacts in a mine in Snake Canyon, the mine gets under attack. Playable characters, Jack, a former bounty hunter, and White Eagle, a respected warrior, are after the same artifacts for different reasons.

You shoot your way through various environments with ever-changing weapons and fight in villages, caves or on a moving carriage. Depending on whether you play as Jack or White Eagle, you will have an arsenal of revolvers, rifles, bows, and tomahawks at your disposal to take down your enemies in style.

After completing the main campaign, you will unlock the Bounty Hunt endgame mode. In this mode, you will be rewarded for killing bandits and outlaws in style and finding time-limited bounty bags. With the bounty you earn, you can purchase unique weapon upgrades and compete with other players to become a legend.

Black Trail for PC VR was released on Steam on April 8th and costs $35. Versions for Meta Quest 3, Quest 2, Quest Pro and PSVR 2 are planned for later this year.



More VR games set in the Wild West

Black Trail isn't the only VR game set in the Wild West, but the most recent notable entries in the genre are a few years old. Western shooter Cold Iron, for example, was released for PSVR and PC VR in 2017. In duels, you have to identify and exploit your opponent's strategy and weaknesses. The game was inspired by Stephen King's “The Dark Tower” and features fantasy creatures and killing machines from the future alongside human opponents.

Finger Gun for Meta Quest, released in 2021, is another fun VR game set in the Wild West. It uses hand tracking to turn your hands and fingers into revolvers and other firearms. You take on the role of a sheriff who guards a typical western town and fights atypical flying killer robots.

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