Backseat VR: Audi to launch Holoride in summer

Backseat VR: Audi to launch Holoride in summer

Update March 13, 2022:

Audi announced that starting this summer, select Audi models will come with the MIB-3 infotainment system with Holoride support. This includes the Audi A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q5, Q7, Q8, Audi etron, etron Sportback and etron GT models.

Holoride is initially available for these models in Germany, England and the USA. Other markets are to follow. Audi holds a stake in Holoride, but the VR entertainment system can still be used by all manufacturers.

For the sensor software, Holoride is working with the Swedish ADAS development company Terranet. Content is provided by studios Schell Games, ARVORE Immersive Games, TRIPP, Magnopus, PRELOADED, SpiceVR, FreshFX, Future House Studios and MEDIASQUAD. They are available through a dedicated Holoride content platform.

Original article from February 27, 2022:

HTC partners with German VR startup Holoride: The Vive Flow will soon offer driving-synchronized VR experiences on the back seat.

With Vive Flow, HTC launched an innovative VR headset, especially in terms of form factor. But it struggles with some technical and conceptual problems.

The most suitable usage scenario for the Vive Flow is short, simple VR and 360-degree experiences where you want to put the glasses on and off quickly and don't want a shoebox in front of your face. The Flow is also easy to store and transport. So is the Vive Flow made for car VR?


What is Holoride?

For those unfamiliar with Holoride, the tech startup was founded in late 2018 by a group of XR enthusiasts and Audi with the goal of bringing VR to cars as a data-driven entertainment experience. In April 2021, Holoride received ten million US dollars in the first round of funding.

The business idea: Holoride's software evaluates vehicle data such as acceleration and steering and synchronizes movements in the VR experience in real-time. This is supposed to limit VR nausea or travel sickness in general and additionally strengthen the immersion in the VR experiences.

In addition to immersive 3D experiences, Holoride also supports 2D movies on a large virtual screen - the Vive Flow's main use case, so to speak. Holoride software also synchronizes the virtual screen with the vehicle's movements.

Holoride and HTC cooperate

Now HTC and Holoride are announcing a collaboration for a "comprehensive integration" of car VR technology into Vive Flow. The integration will include VR and 2D content. At the Holoride market launch in the second half of 2022, Vive Flow is expected to be the first Holoride headset for series integration in vehicles.

“Paired with holoride’s impressive tech, you’ll be able to turn car rides into virtual amusement parks. We’re very excited to work with holoride in shaping the future of passenger entertainment”, said Shen Ye, Global Head of Hardware at HTC VIVE.

HTC will exhibit Holoride Flow at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from Feb. 28 to March 3, 2022. Demos will be available at the HTC VIVE booth (Hall 7, Booth 7A40).

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