AR and VR in classrooms: Poland Promotes Innovative Education

AR and VR in classrooms: Poland Promotes Innovative Education

Meta, VR Heroes, and the National Research Institute are working together to help educators in Poland learn how to use AR and VR in education.

An initiative to shape the future of education is being launched in Poland. Meta, VR studio VR Heroes, and the National Research Institute (NASK) are teaming up to offer free training workshops for teachers. In these workshops, teachers will learn how to effectively use augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in their classrooms.

Teachers learn how to benefit from AR and VR

The workshops will be hosted at the Meta Community Hub in Warsaw. Meta Quest 2 headsets and special educational applications will be used. The benefits of AR and VR in education and the correct use of the technologies will be presented. The impact of VR on students will also be discussed.

"Students will engage in a simulated 3D environment that will allow them to explore and interact with virtual objects and environments in a way that is not possible in traditional classrooms", says Tomasz Dobosz, co-founder of VR Heroes.

Immersive learning fosters creativity and digital literacy

The goal of the workshops is to share knowledge about innovative technologies and help teachers understand the benefits of incorporating them into the curriculum. This includes developing students' creative skills and digital literacy.


Jakub Turowski, Public Policy Director for Central and Eastern Europe at Meta, emphasizes that AR and VR offer fascinating opportunities for education: "Instead of telling students what life was like in ancient Rome, we can show it to them. We can take the class on a trip to the Louvre or to the Arctic Circle. And this is not science fiction – augmented reality offers such possibilities today."

More extensive examples of VR in education come from California, for example: A large VR lab has opened in a school there.

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