A huge VR lab has opened at a school in Sacramento

A huge VR lab has opened at a school in Sacramento

A California school is taking VR education to the next level. Entire classes go on field trips and job simulations in the VR lab.

A rural school on the outskirts of Sacramento in Northern California offers its students a very special VR lab. It was photographed and posted on Reddit and went viral. Some people are even drawing comparisons to the users of the Oasis in Ready Player One.

Up to 25 people can start a virtual lesson with Meta Quest 2 in a large room with marked areas.

VR in education

Students take virtual field trips in 360-degree videos from the New York Times, learn Spanish with Mondly, or enter the science labs of VictoryXR or Inspirit. The TransfrVR simulation, which gives students a taste of different careers, has been particularly successful.

Follow up. Picture of a VR lab being built at a public school. Majority low income school district. 100% grant funded from private companies.
by u/b1ackfyre in oculus


"My priority is keeping implementation very simple with what we can feasible execute at scale", explains the lab manager when asked by MIXED, "the only special software we’re using is ArborXR, it’s management software to create our own UX, control what apps students have access to, etc." He has not yet ventured into multiplayer apps.

There's even room for more VR education in the future. By raising a partition wall, the space could be further enlarged.

The spacious VR lab was created without public funding, despite being located in a mostly low-income school district. According to Reddit user "b1ackfyre," the lab was funded entirely by private companies. Anyone interested in learning more about the school can contact the Reddit user on the social network.

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