Apple's Mixed Reality headset delayed until WWDC in June

Apple's Mixed Reality headset delayed until WWDC in June

The announcement of Apple's mixed reality headset could be delayed yet again but is still on track to be launched this year.

Apple's AR and VR headset has been the subject of rumors for several years. According to multiple Apple analysts, all signs point to a launch in 2023. Apple supply chain leaks confirm production is underway, at least for some components. The announcement of Apple's first headset will likely come several months before the device is ready to ship, but it might not be introduced as early as previously predicted.

Mark Gurman is typically a reliable source of information about Apple products, often identifying specific details and the timeline for its introduction. Apple's XR headset has proven to be elusive, however. Until recently, Gurman believed Apple would announce its mixed reality headset to the public in the spring of this year.

Announcement and launch dates

In the latest Bloomberg report, that expectation has changed, and Apple's headset is more likely to be presented at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June.

This timing could be ideal since rumors suggest Apple will price its first headset at $3,000, a startling cost for the average VR gamer but a business expense that developers might be willing to accept.

The delayed introduction might not affect the launch date, which could come as early as September 2023. Apple holds one or more annual events near the end of the year in time for holiday shoppers to order their next iPhone, Apple Watch, or Mac computer.

This year, an Apple XR headset could be the star of the event, with a launch predicted for fall, it could come in September, October, or November.


Some believe that Apple's XR headset could have as big of an impact as the Macintosh, which changed how we use computers.

What to expect from Apple's Reality Pro headset

We've already learned plenty of details about the technology and capabilities of Apple's headset via rumors and leaks from reliable Apple analysts.

Potential names have leaked in trademark documents, suggesting Apple will call its headset "Reality One" or "Reality Pro." Since rumors claim the first headset will be aimed at developers and businesses, the Apple Reality Pro headset will probably be the first to launch, with the Apple Reality One headset arriving in 2024 at a much lower price.

While Apple has a great track record of success with the iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watch, and more, not every Apple product is a winner. The Macintosh struggled to compete with the vastly more popular Windows PC, and the HomePod can't compete with smart speakers from Amazon and Google. There's a chance Apple's XR headset could be another rare flop.

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