Apple Vision Pro: VisionDevCamp connects developers and experts

Apple Vision Pro: VisionDevCamp connects developers and experts

VisionDevCamp is an event for developers, designers, and technology enthusiasts who create content for Apple's Vision Pro.


VisionDevCamp is a developer event dedicated to working with Apple's Vision Pro and the visionOS operating system. It was created by the same team that organized the iPhoneDevCamp, iPadDevCamp and iOSDevCamp developer events. The event will be held March 29 to 31 in Santa Clara, California at the UCSC Silicon Valley Extension.

It provides a platform for developers, designers, businesses, and technology enthusiasts to share and develop visionOS, Unity PolySpace and web applications for Apple Vision Pro.

Interested parties can register at the official VisionDevCamp website. The registration fee is $100. As a non-profit event, all proceeds from registration fees and sponsorships will be used to cover the costs of the event.



The people behind VisionDevCamp

VisionDevCamp is organized by Raven Zachary and Dom Sagolla, who also founded iPhoneDevCamp in 2007. Raven Zachary is currently the Chief Operating Officer at ARound, an augmented reality company specializing in live events, and has had a successful career in the mobile app industry. Dom Sagolla is co-founder of Archipelo, a San Francisco-based startup focused on intelligent software supply chain and compliance.

The Vision Pro is Apple's first VR/AR headset and is marketed as a spatial computer. The visionOS operating system makes it possible to run both 2D and 3D applications. The Vision Pro was released in the U.S. on February 2, 2024. There is no global release date yet.

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