Apple Vision Pro: How Osso VR turns you into surgical professionals

Apple Vision Pro: How Osso VR turns you into surgical professionals

Osso Health brings realistic surgical training to the Vision Pro, allowing complex surgical procedures to be practiced in a safe environment.


Osso VR has released the Osso Health app for Apple's Vision Pro mixed reality headset. With the launch, Osso VR expands access to its technology to a broader audience, including healthcare professionals, patients preparing for surgery, and those interested in medical innovation.

The app simulates medical procedures with the highest level of accuracy and seamlessly integrates the operating room into the real environment. It enables location-independent, hands-on learning on demand.

The new three-dimensional user interface and input methods using the user's eyes, hands, and voice allow for intuitive exploration of the procedures. You can currently use Osso Health to walk through the key steps of two common orthopedic procedures: carpal tunnel release and knee replacement.


VR Training for future doctors

Osso VR is a company specializing in VR training for future doctors, co-founded in 2016 by orthopedic surgeon Justin Barad. The platform is characterized by high graphic realism and works with specialists from the film and video game industry.

Osso VR's VR training courses are used in over twenty international hospitals and by eight medical device manufacturers, including pharmaceutical and medical device companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Stryker, Zimmer Biomet and Smith & Nephew.


In early April, Osso VR and the ACC announced a new VR training program specifically for cardiologists. The company has secured $109 million in funding to date and aims to use VR training to address the lack of standards in surgeon training.

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