Apple Vision Pro: Cheaper model likely to lack front display

Apple Vision Pro: Cheaper model likely to lack front display

Apple is working on a more affordable Vision Pro model, possibly without the external EyeSight display and Mac chip.

Announced for 2024, the Apple Vision Pro has a hefty price tag of $3,500. To appeal to more consumers, the company is planning a cheaper model. However, according to Apple expert Mark Gurman, this will come at a price.

Cheaper model without EyeSight

Gurman writes in his latest newsletter that even before the announcement of the Vision Pro last June, Apple had been considering a cheaper model.

Internally, prices between $1,500 and $2,500 were discussed, he says. Initial reports of a cheaper Vision Pro suggested that Apple was looking to cut costs by using a lower-resolution display and an iPhone processor instead of the more powerful Mac chip.

According to Gurman, the iPhone company is now also looking to do away with the EyeSight feature, the front display that shows the user's eyes. The number of external cameras and sensors will also be reduced.


Next Apple Vision Pro already in the works

At the same time, a second generation of the Vision Pro is said to be under development. This will have all the premium features, but will be smaller, lighter and therefore more comfortable to wear.

It should be possible to integrate prescription lenses directly, which will simplify the design. The first Vision Pro uses magnetic lens inserts from optical components manufacturer Zeiss.

It is still unclear when the first Apple Vision Pro will be released. Apple is still talking about "early next year". A timeframe that the company has set until the end of April. In Europe, the Apple Vision Pro will probably not be available before the end of 2024.

Sources: Bloomberg