Apple Vision Pro gets magnetic correction lenses from Zeiss

Apple Vision Pro gets magnetic correction lenses from Zeiss

Note to eyeglass wearers: You can customize Apple's VR/AR headset with prescription lenses. Installation is said to be easy thanks to magnetic lens holders.

After years of persistent rumors, it has finally happened: Apple has announced a VR/AR headset. During today's kickoff of this year's WWDC developer conference, CEO Tim Cook didn't miss the opportunity to announce the headset with the iconic "one more thing."

The AR/VR headset impresses with its slim design. However, due to its compact dimensions, it will probably not be possible to wear glasses under the headset. A problem for people who wear glasses? Not really.

Apple Vision Pro correction lenses are made by Zeiss and hold by magnets

During the presentation of the headset, Apple presented a few use cases. These included an immersive office, spatial Facetime calls, a virtual home theater environment with customizable immersion levels, and the ability to record 3D video. Apple is offering an optional accessory to ensure that all users can see clearly in these applications.

Apple has partnered with Zeiss to create special optical inserts that can be adjusted to match a user's individual vision. Unlike other VR headsets, there is no need to change lenses.


The lenses simply slip over the Apple Vision Pro lenses using a magnetic holder. They snap into place automatically. No word yet on whether the lenses will be available to order directly with the Apple Vision Pro or how much they will cost. All we know is that they will be sold separately.

The Apple Vision Pro VR/AR headset is scheduled for release early next year and will cost just under $3,500. For now, the release is only planned for the US. However, availability in other countries should follow soon.

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