Report: Cheaper Apple Vision headset coming in 2025, lighter than Quest 3

Report: Cheaper Apple Vision headset coming in 2025, lighter than Quest 3

According to a new report, a cheaper and lighter Vision headset could be released next summer. But take this report with a grain of salt.


Chinese website WallstreetCN reports, citing supply chain sources, that the standard version of Apple's headset (Apple Vision without the "Pro") will be finalized in October.

The weight will be about two thirds of the Vision Pro, or about 400 grams. For comparison: Meta Quest 3 weighs 515 grams and has its battery integrated, unlike the Vision Pro.

The launch date has been moved up from around September 2025 to June 2025, and the supply chain is being prepared to produce tens of millions of units, according to the report.


This report should be taken with a grain of salt

The claim that Apple plans to produce tens of millions of units is implausible for two reasons: First, the supply chain is unlikely to be able to produce such a volume of OLED microdisplays, even if Apple were to find other suppliers in addition to Sony. Even the production of the Vision Pro is limited to less than one million units this year. It is also unlikely that Apple will lower its quality standards and rely on significantly inferior but more readily available LC displays instead.

Second, Apple should know that demand will not be nearly as high, even if the device is much cheaper than the Vision Pro. Even Meta Quest 2 took years to sell 20 million units, and was sold for $300 for most of its existence. Apple Vision is likely to cost many times that.


Most recently, Apple analyst Mark Gurman reported that Apple is "flummoxed" on how to bring down the cost of the device, suggesting that the design is not close to completion.

Sources: WallstreetCN