Rumor: Apple Tester reportedly 'blown away' by VR headset

Rumor: Apple Tester reportedly 'blown away' by VR headset

Apple leaker Evan Blass claims to know a tester who has demoed Apple's Mixed Reality headset several times.

Evan Blass is known as a reliable source of Apple leaks. In recent years, he has released images of Apple products before they were officially unveiled.

On his private Twitter channel, which only selected people can view, Blass is fueling the hype about the device. In a tweet, Blass writes:

"A person I know who's had several opportunities to demo the upcoming first-gen Apple XR, has gone from lamenting its "underwhelming" capabilities to being "blown away" by the experience that the latest hardware/firmware delivers."

Screenshot of a tweet by Evan Blass.

Evan Blass' tweet.

"The leap they've made since [late last year] is giant," the Apple tester reporteldy told Blass. "I was so skeptical; now I'm blown away in a 'take my money kind of way'".

Take these statements with a grain of salt. The source and accuracy of this rumor cannot be verified.


WWDC 2023 is when it's supposed to happen

Bloomberg reporter and Apple leaker Mark Gurman is convinced that Apple will unveil the device in just a few weeks at WWDC 2023. For the company, it would be the first new major product category since the Apple Watch, which was launched seven years ago.

Apple's venture is risky, to say the least: Similar products from Meta and Sony have failed to reach a market beyond the gaming niche. And Apple's first mixed reality headset, which could be called the Apple Reality Pro, is expected to cost around $3,000.

According to a report in the Financial Times, Apple's industrial design team has warned against a premature product launch. It was reportedly Apple CEO Tim Cook who decided to launch it this year. The mixed reality headset has been in development for at least seven years.

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