Apple headset comes with M2 and 16 GB RAM in January - report

Apple headset comes with M2 and 16 GB RAM in January - report

Apple's XR headset could be a step up from current standalone VR headsets.

Many of the current standalone headsets like Quest 2, Pico Neo 3 or Vive Focus 3 run Qualcomm's Snapdragon XR2. Apple's M2 chip, announced in May, is expected to outperform this processor significantly.

The M1 is already faster than the XR2. According to Apple, the M2 will outperform its predecessor by 18 percent in terms of CPU and 35 percent in terms of GPU. Of course, this is only valid with reservations since Apple might not be able to call up the processor's full performance due to the heat development in the headset.

Apple headset comes with M2 and a lot of RAM

Previous rumors described that Apple uses the M1 chip for rendering and possibly additional chips that process sensor data.

However, according to Apple reporter Mark Gurman, Apple has switched to the newer model: The current prototype is said to have a base M2 chip with 16 GB of system memory. More RAM could make the headset more interesting for multitasking and thus (more complex) office applications. Apple's own productivity ecosystem could be Apple's biggest advantage in the XR race.

So, in terms of hardware, Apple might have the edge over Meta's Cambria, which is said to come with a possibly improved XR2 chip and 12 GB of RAM. The current Quest 2 VR headset runs the standard XR2 and 6 GB of RAM.

Can Apple set new standards? We could find out in January

Meanwhile, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo continues to assume that Apple will launch or at least introduce the VR AR headset in January 2023. He bases his predictions on information from the supply chain. However, he has been doing this for years and has often been wrong, especially with Apple's headset.


Kuo believes that Apple will set a new benchmark with its headset. It offers a focus on AR, but can still display excellent VR, he said. The headset is the most complicated product Apple has ever built, according to Kuo. The analyst refers to Apple's entry into the market as a "post-Meta era": the industry would imitate Apple in the future. He assumes that Meta will be able to sell fewer headsets than planned.

Recently, Apple CEO Tim Cook reiterated his interest in augmented reality to the China Daily USA news agency. He said he was "incredibly excited" about AR, but that the technology was still at a very early stage.

Once again, however, Cook wouldn't confirm the development of a tech headset. "Stay tuned and you'll see what we have to offer," said Cook, who has answered these questions about AR the same way for years.

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