Ancient Dungeon now supports multiplayer on Quest and Steam

Ancient Dungeon now supports multiplayer on Quest and Steam

Quest and Steam users can now explore the dungeons of Ancient Dungeon with up to three friends. Multiplayer support for PSVR 2 is coming later.


Developer Eric Thullen writes on the game's Discord that the multiplayer mode has left the beta.

"While there are still some features left to do (saving a run in multiplayer, host migration, more cosmetics), the general multiplayer gameplay loop is complete and stable enough for a wider rollout. In the coming days, we will monitor the bug report channels to see if everything is working as expected," writes Thullen.

Ancient Dungeon can now be played by up to four people simultaneously.

The update has been rolled out to Meta Quest and Steam, PSVR 2 and other platforms will receive the multiplayer mode "in the coming weeks/months".

The update includes further improvements such as new rooms for more variety, new visual effects for fire and poison effects on enemies and more.


Ancient Dungeon is available in the Quest Store, on Steam and on the Playstation Store.


Ancient Dungeon has been growing for years

Ancient Dungeon is a dungeon crawler with roguelite elements, physics-based combat, procedurally generated maps, and a chic retro aesthetic. Traps and a variety of typical dungeon monsters such as zombies, jumping slimes and bats await you in the dungeons. There are plenty of secrets to discover and loot to find, which you can use to upgrade your weapons.

Ancient Dungeon has been in development by Eric Thullen since 2018. It was launched on the App Lab in early 2021 and went into Early Access on Steam in November 2021. In September 2022, the VR game graduated to the Quest Store. A year later, the game received a graphics upgrade for Quest 3, bringing it up to par visually with the PC VR version, including a resolution of 2,352 x 2,464 pixels. The PSVR 2 version followed in December 2023.

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