Playstation VR 2: Ancient Dungeon gets release date & launch trailer

Playstation VR 2: Ancient Dungeon gets release date & launch trailer
  • Launch date known, launch trailer released

Update from December 2, 2023:

The studio has announced the release date: Ancient Dungeon will be released on December 8th for the Playstation VR 2. The multiplayer mode will not be included, as it is still in beta.

Original article dated November 28, 2023:

Ancient Dungeon is coming to Playstation VR 2 soon, but only with the single-player mode for now.

Ancient Dungeon is a dungeon crawler with roguelite elements, physics-based combat, procedurally generated maps, and a chic retro aesthetic. Traps and a variety of typical dungeon monsters such as zombies, jumping slimes and bats await you in the dungeons. There are plenty of secrets to discover and loot to make, which you can use to upgrade your weapons.

The VR game is being developed by Eric Thullen since 2018. In September 2022, the VR game made the leap from App Lab to the Meta Quest Store and is one of the more successful titles there.

In October, the Quest 3 version of the game received a graphical upgrade, which brought it up to par with the PC VR version. It includes the following enhancements:


  • Enabled shadows for Quest 3 (you need to toggle this in settings)
  • Render distance on Quest 3 is now on par with the PC version
  • Amount of vegetation and decoration is now on par with the PC version
  • Increased render resolution by 90% (from 1664 x 1824 to 2352 x 2464)

Open co-op beta launched, PSVR 2 release likely in 2023

The open multiplayer beta started a few days ago on Meta Quest and Steam. Almost all elements of the VR game have been reworked for the co-op mode, which also changes the single player experience. Special attention is being paid to balancing, and not all features of the single player mode have been implemented yet. Thullen promises "a lot of updates in the coming weeks".

Those who own a Playstation VR 2 will soon be able to immerse themselves in the dungeons too: The VR game is expected to be released for Sony's VR headset later this year, if everything goes according to plan. Thullen writes on Reddit: "The port is finished, we are just waiting on Sony to give the green light which will still be a few days. If everything goes will it will definitely be out this year."

The multiplayer mode will not be included at launch because Sony's platform does not support beta testing. However, it will most likely come out a bit later, writes Thullen. The PSVR 2 version will support cross-play, so you can play with friends who play Ancient Dungeon on Meta Quest or Steam.

Ancient Dungeon is available in the Meta Quest Store and on Steam. The VR game is currently discounted between 20 and 40 percent on both stores. You can find out how to join the open multiplayer beta on Discord. More information on the status of the multiplayer mode can be found on Steam.

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