An impressive Beat Saber clone was created by ChatGPT — with a little help

An impressive Beat Saber clone was created by ChatGPT — with a little help

A developer tested how useful ChatGPT was for VR coding by asking it to create a Beat Saber clone and supplying no code. The results are impressive.

Starting with the most basic question, "How can I remake Beat Saber," Valem received a nice overview in a numbered list but no code. After asking for a step-by-step guide, usable details surfaced, such as how to set up XR in Unity and make a VR player.

ChatGPT then described how to create an environment similar to Beat Saber, including building Unity shaders with nodes. The description was difficult to understand, so Valem requested a text representation showing the connections and was impressed when the AI helped out with a visual guide made with lines and symbols.

Even though ChatGPT is a text-based AI, it can think visually. This was proven again when it gave coordinates to build 3D models. The AI model used was GPT-4, and Valem purchased a subscription from OpenAI and used a Quest 2 for this test.

Did the AI really help?

Valem asked the AI for a particular shape, sort of a frozen vortex of frames. ChatGPT's code didn't create an exact match but corrected it when the mistake was mentioned. The developer admitted the AI's spinning version was actually better and used that code.

When it came to slicing cubes, ChatGPT said that was too complicated for a single response. After a little more prodding, it finally tried but supplied a flawed script. The AI code assistant finally suggested some code from GitHub, a working solution from a human developer.

Generating cubes in a pattern that creates a challenging but fun Beat Saber level was even more complex. In truth, ChatGPT needed quite a bit of help from Valem and other developer resources to create a similar game.


Valem couldn't write any code, according to the self-imposed rules of this test, but ChatGPT benefitted from a VR developer's guidance and GitHub code. An AI can be a good assistant for VR game development, but it's not ready to replace programmers.

The real Beat Saber has been around for so long that it has nothing to fear since much of the value comes from the maps, music, and user base that provide competition and community engagement.



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