Beat Saber: Official 3D level editor for PC launches

Beat Saber: Official 3D level editor for PC launches

Fans of the VR game Beat Saber can now create their own levels in a new spatial editor.

Meta-owned studio Beat Games is giving fans of Beat Saber a new way to customize the VR game. Update v1.22.2 brings a fresh 3D level editor to Steam and the Rift store. It is supposed to make the rhythm game more customizable than the old official editor.

The 3D level editor, accessed from the main menu, is still in beta and suffers from various technical teething troubles. In the official announcement video, "Freeek" and "Kolezan" explain the new features. As "beatmappers" they have been creating levels for the game for quite some time.

Beat Saber: New 3D level editor for PC VR

In contrast to the virtual reality game, you operate the editor in the classic way on the monitor. To create your own levels, you simply connect the music with blue and red boxes, which you later slash to the beat.

The two-note blocks added in March, "Arc Notes" and "Chain Notes", are already supported. Arc Notes are light strips that show players progressions of swings, while Chain Notes are blocks of notes divided into multiple segments that players must cut through completely to get all the points.


Variable speed (BPM) is also supported by the Level Editor. The feature was already used in the Electronic Mixtape released in early May, featuring stars like Deadmau5 and Darude. In addition, various lighting systems from past music packs are also supported.

Not yet finished all-around

90-degree levels and 360-degree levels will only be able to be created in the new 3D editor after later updates. Head here for the full patch notes on Steam with an overview of the plans and known bugs. It is unclear if and when Beat Games will serve other platforms like Meta Quest 2 or PlayStation VR.

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