An excellent sci-fi VR game is about to land on the Apple Vision Pro

An excellent sci-fi VR game is about to land on the Apple Vision Pro

RTS meets roguelike in space: Eternal Starlight is coming to Apple's Vision Pro with improved graphics and intuitive eye tracking.


After successful releases in the Meta Quest Store and on Steam, the space strategy game Eternal Starlight will be released for the Apple Vision Pro on June 3rd. Developer White Noise Games has adapted and optimized the game specifically for Apple's mixed reality headset.

In addition to adapting the control scheme to the Vision Pro's eye-tracking tap gestures, the new version features updated graphics and visual effects, as well as improvements to the user interface. Players will be able to grab and scale their game world to get a larger view of the battlefield or see details on a specific ship.


Eternal Starlight: Strategy meets roguelike

Eternal Starlight combines real-time strategy and roguelike elements in an immersive VR space environment. You assume the role of a fleet commander and control ships from a space station against the enemy Kraya.

After the destruction of Earth, humanity seeks a new home on the planet Proxima, but finds itself in conflict with the aggressive alien species. You must prove yourself in 28 procedurally generated missions. Completing missions will increase your reputation with the various alien races, giving you access to new technologies.

A special feature of Eternal Starlight is time manipulation, which allows you to slow down or pause the battle. This allows you to consider your moves before giving orders. The graphics of the game were already appealing in Meta Quest.



Thrilling sci-fi roguelike, perfect for Vision Pro

In my review of Eternal Starlight (only in German) on Quest 2, I wrote:

"Eternal Starlight delivers short and crisp tactical battles. The developers have managed to translate an action-packed RTS into virtual reality. If you've ever wanted to coordinate a space battle in the middle of the action, this is the game for you."

The developers primarily relied on hand tracking for the Meta Quest version, but also supported Touch Controllers. I found the latter to be accurate, but the hand tracking became a little too imprecise in hectic situations.

Apple's hand tracking combined with the Vision Pro's eye tracking should make for much faster and more accurate reactions. The revised graphics and special tweaks promise a gaming experience that takes advantage of the headset's special capabilities.

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