Among Us VR: Multiplayer hit gets new time-limited game modes

Among Us VR: Multiplayer hit gets new time-limited game modes

Among Us VR introduces new roles, game modes, and events. Find out what the new update brings here.


Among Us VR introduces Limited Time Events (LTEs) on Meta Quest 3, Pico, SteamVR and Playstation VR. Players can look forward to new roles and game modes, all built around a central theme. It starts with the "Lights Out Mode", which will run from February 8 to March 12, 2024.

In Lights Out Mode, all crew members become engineers and must quickly navigate the map by sliding through ventilation shafts. These shortcuts will help you complete tasks quickly while imposters try to thwart your efforts.

As each task is completed, the lighting and visibility in the game improves. However, if the imposters are successful, it will get darker. You can now select the newly introduced engineer role in standard matches by enabling it in the lobby settings.

Lights Out Mode also introduces the game's first animated accessory, the Overscoped Hat, which can be purchased for just under $3. The limited edition hat has an oscillating visor and is designed to bring a bit of steampunk flair to the VR game.



Successful VR conversion of a multiplayer hit

Among Us VR got off to a successful start, reaching over one million users in less than ten weeks after its release in November 2022. Schell Games took the core gameplay from the original game for the VR conversion, but switched to a first-person perspective.

In VR, players also become crew members of a spaceship with imposters hiding among them. They must try to sabotage machinery or murder crew members without being seen. In crisis meetings, the other players decide who is a saboteur and, in the worst case, remove one of their own from the ship.

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