Almalence promises a sharper image on eye-tracking VR headsets

Almalence promises a sharper image on eye-tracking VR headsets

A "Digital Lens" plug-in is supposed to provide a sharper and smoother image on VR headsets with eye tracking.

The company Almalence wants to give VR headsets equipped with eye tracking a sharper, smoother image. To this end, the Austin, Texas-based company has released a test plugin.

With its "Digital Lens" technology, it is supposed to improve and equalize the image of different headsets through its pre-processing. It currently supports the Pico 3 Neo Pro Eye, HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition, and the HTC Vive Pro Eye.

Sharper VR headsets through better tuning

Almalence calls its solution "Digital Lens". It adjusts the image of OpenXR-compatible apps to avoid distortion and work around typical lens issues. CEO Eugene Panich showed the system at the AWE show in June. It is likely that his company will seek to license the technology to headset manufacturers.


The software analyzes eye-tracking data to calibrate content in real time. The dynamic pre-correction is designed to give users an even sharper image at all times, with less geometric "pupil swim" distortion during eye movement.

Problems such as chromatic aberrations (color shifts) are also reduced, according to Almalence. The software allows you to switch to the standard image at any time for comparison.

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