Zapbox iPhone AR headset now works with OpenBrush

Zapbox iPhone AR headset now works with OpenBrush

OpenBrush is now available for the iPhone as a ZapBox app, letting you paint in mixed reality.


OpenBrush on ZapBox

Zappar recently announced via an X post that the popular VR painting app OpenBrush is now available for ZapBox, a mixed reality headset that uses your iPhone for the display, processor, and tracking.

OpenBrush for ZapBox is available for free on the Apple App Store (see link below). With the ZapBox controllers, you can paint in mid-air, decorating your room and creating art to share with others.

OpenBrush developer Icosa Foundation notes that the iPhone app is still in development and may not have the complete feature set of other platforms.



What is ZapBox?

Zappar took a unique approach to mixed reality, designing a head-mounted iPhone holder that pairs with two wand-like controllers and tracking cards to orient virtual objects. For a sub-$100 device, it works surprisingly well.


A ZapBox upgrade

As noted in my review, the ZapBox works very well, but the app selection is quite limited. However, the addition of OpenBrush makes the ZapBox a much more interesting product.

If you own a Meta Quest 2 or a VR headset that lacks a good mixed reality view, a ZapBox is an inexpensive way to enjoy the freedom of painting and playing games in a natural environment.

Note that you must own a compatible iPhone to use ZapBox.

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