You can now travel with friends in the best VR Travel app for Quest 2

You can now travel with friends in the best VR Travel app for Quest 2

Virtual travel is great. With Brink Traveler you can now travel to beautiful places together with other people - friends and strangers.

The best app for photo-realistic VR travel gets a free update today, bringing a multiplayer mode, four more destinations, and new localizations (Japanese, Korean, Chinese). I was able to try out the new features in advance with a friend.

The multiplayer mode fits seamlessly into the experience. You access the corresponding menu with your digital smartwatch and then have two options: You can join a random tour group or create your own room just for you and up to three friends. You then switch between day and night views as usual and visit various destinations together.

With a simple gesture, you can take high-resolution travel photos and selfies and share them on Facebook. The pictures are also saved on the Meta Quest 2.

Social presence: a significant feature upgrade

Brink Traveler supports Meta's new comic avatars. This eliminates the need to create an app-specific alter ego and makes you look especially lifelike thanks to realistically animated eye movements and facial expressions - even without eye and face tracking thanks to Meta's AI magic.

The multiplayer mode is a welcome addition to the VR app and turns Brink Traveler into a social platform where you can meet other people.


The summer update also brings four new destinations:


  • Cirque de Gavarnie: A green mountain landscape in the French Pyrenees.
  • Singing Canyon: A canyon in the U.S. state of Utah known for its acoustics.
  • Goblin Valley: The "Goblin Valley" is also found in Utah, with its bizarre rock formations.
  • Lone Pine Peak: An icy mountain peak on the east side of the Sierra Nevada.

Like the previous ones, the new environments are rather small. Usually, you can only move a few steps in one direction or the other, which is why they are more like walkable postcards than explorable areas.

Brink Traveler: Content should continue to grow

The summer update follows the winter update from January, which brought new locations and many small improvements. It's nice to see that the start-up has kept its word and regularly delivers new content.

Since launching the VR app, the team has grown to be able to bring even more different biomes and more destinations outside the U.S. into virtual reality. The team is also looking to develop Brink Traveler in other ways in the future, without going into detail.

You can purchase Brink Traveler from the Oculus Store for $9.99. This unlocks it for Meta Quest 1 and 2 as well as Oculus Rift (S). Alternatively, the VR app is also available on Steam.

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