You can now learn how to chainsaw in VR

You can now learn how to chainsaw in VR

Want to learn how to operate a chainsaw, but don't yet dare to try the real thing? This VR training lowers the barrier to entry for, well ... chainsawing.

Proper and safe use of a chainsaw is a challenge. In 2020, 433 people in Germany had an accident with a chainsaw. The recoil forces in particular are often underestimated. A group of German developers now wants to teach how to handle the powerful tool in a safe environment: virtual reality.

VR training for safe working with the chain saw

The VR training, called Rescue Saw VR, is designed to teach foresters and rescue workers how to use a chainsaw properly. With the VR headset and a secured chainsaw in hand, learners enter a virtual scenario and go through various work steps.

For example, they are trained in general wood cutting techniques, cutting techniques for metal, or the use of a rescue chainsaw in an express train during a tunnel fire. Similar to the VR training for railroad workers or the operational training of the U.S. police in virtual reality, Chain Saw VR also teaches and consolidates dangerous work steps in a safe environment while conserving resources.

"Through the interactive training method using a real chainsaw as an interaction device, the user not only understands the learning content cognitively but also grasps and internalizes it physically," says Martin Zimmermann, CEO of Imsimity, the studio behind the app.

Chain Saw VR: Sponsored by insurance for accidents

Chainsaw VR was funded by the Bavarian State Accident Insurance Fund. For the realization, the Imsimity team received the KWF Member Award 2022 from the Board of Trustees for Forest Work and Technology at this year's Interforst trade fair in Munich.


The VR simulation convinced the jury in particular with its positive effects on workplace safety. In addition, the acquisition and operating costs are comparatively low, which has a positive effect on the financial figures and energy consumption.

"We are very proud of the award for our work with the Bavarian State Forests and the Bavarian State Accident Insurance Fund," Zimmermann told a local newspaper. "If this can save valuable forest resources or even prevent accidents, that's a great piece of sustainability for the forest environment after all."

Those who want to take a closer look at the virtual chainsaw simulator can register for a live online demo on Imsimity's website.

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