A mod makes World of Warcraft playable in VR, but only on private servers

A mod makes World of Warcraft playable in VR, but only on private servers

You can now roam through Azeroth as if you were actually there, thanks to a VR mod for World of Warcraft. But there are caveats.


WoVR, a VR mod for World Warcraft developed by Streetrat and Marulu, was released over the weekend.

Before you get too excited, the VR mod only supports private servers and is based on the last Wrath of the Lich King patch. So you can't use the mod to play the official World of Warcraft.

Another disadvantage is that you can only play with VR controllers, mouse and keyboard are not supported. I haven't tried the VR mod yet, but a number of Youtubers have made first impression videos, including Ian Higton from Eurogamer with Meta Quest 3. You can find his video below.

The features of WoVR include, among others:

  • 6 DOF head tracking with full motion controller support
  • Playable in both first and third person
  • Floating UI, inside the game world with full occlusion, supporting all addons
  • Optional made for VR UI with multiple floating windows and UI elements attached to your hands and face (Available on the Flat2VR discord)
  • Head-tracked HRTF positional audio
  • Ray traced motion controlled targeting and interacting
  • Ray traced motion controlled AOE attacks
  • Motion controlled UI, the UI can be interacted with via pointing your controllers at it

The VR mod is available on Github. The controls are also explained there as well. For further help and information, I recommend visiting the WoVR channel on the Flat2VR Discord.



Further development depends on community interest

On Github, the developers give an insight into the history of the VR mod.

"WoVR has been in on and off development for over ten years, it originally started development as a mod for the Oculus DK1 back in 2013. In January 2024, after a 4-year-long hiatus, we decided to restart development from scratch," write the developers.

They describe the current version of the VR mod as an initial and experimental release. "Currently we do not have plans for active continued development, if there is enough support and interested from the community we could look into first person mount visibility and player character IK."