One of Quest's most popular flight sims gets a modern-day sequel

One of Quest's most popular flight sims gets a modern-day sequel

The first two installments of the Warplanes flight sim featured battlefields from WW1 and WW2. The third is set in the present.

The Warplanes series is, along with Ultrawings, the most successful flight sim franchise for Meta Quest. Warplanes: WW1 Fighters (2021) and Warplanes: Battles over Pacific (2022) have received many positive reviews from Quest players.

The games were developed by the Polish studio Home Net Games, which originally specialized in smartphone titles and found another source of income and success in VR games.

Warplanes: Air Corp is the third part of the series and, unlike its predecessors, has a modern-day setting. The studio describes the new game as follows:

Fight in the air against a wide range of fighter jets, multirole aircraft, attack helicopters and armed drones. Destroy ships, tankers, convoys, and an array of modern military vehicles like armored personnel carriers, tanks, and mobile rocket launchers. Fight in urbanized areas, destroy or protect strategic buildings and infrastructure. Use all available units to raze enemy military bases.


PVP and co-op modes to follow soon

As you progress through the game, you'll be able to unlock nine machines (including an attack helicopter) inspired by the best combat aircraft and helicopters from around the world. To accomplish your mission objectives, you'll be able to upgrade the machines with modern armaments and adjust them. You'll have to use modern warfare tactics and destroy air defense systems and mobile radars.

Like its predecessors, the game is aimed at casual gamers. Both the flight model and the control of machines have been simplified so that you can enjoy the combat. However, you can adjust the difficulty of the battle to your liking and turn off the automatic targeting system and dropping of flares.

Warplanes: Air Corp is available on the App Lab for $14.99. A PVP and co-op mode is coming soon. The game is set to launch soon on Steam as well.

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