Walkabout Mini Golf: New Venice course takes you to the lagoon city

Walkabout Mini Golf: New Venice course takes you to the lagoon city

Explore the lagoon city with Walkabout Mini Golf: The new Venice course takes you to picturesque Venice — complete with gondola ride, scavenger hunt and more.


The developers at Mighty Coconut are adding a new course to their popular VR mini-golf series. Walkabout Mini Golf: Venice takes you to the picturesque lagoon city of Venice. In the DLC you will explore idyllic canals, historic shops and sun-drenched courses.

Venice offers a total of 36 holes, divided into an easy and a difficult mode with 18 holes each. A themed scavenger hunt rounds out the experience and unlocks a special putter at the end. Matching Venetian avatars complete the atmosphere.

Special highlights include a gondola ride and exploring the many winding alleys, fountains, shops, and waterways. The developers promise an inspiring ambience and a relaxed atmosphere. New accessibility features will make the game accessible to a wider audience.


Walkabout Mini Golf continues to grow

“Venice” is not the first additional course for Walkabout Mini Golf VR. Developer Mighty Coconut regularly releases new DLC every few weeks, adding creative environments to the game. The most recent releases were Walkabout Mini Golf: Meow Wolf and Around the World in 80 Days. The latter takes you to the Eiffel Tower, among other places.

Another DLC called “Ice Lair” takes you to an icy environment full of obstacles and traps. It is part of the “Evil Lairs” series, which are reminiscent of the headquarters of villains in spy movies. In Ice Lair, you must stop a mad scientist and his parrot henchmen from perfecting freeze-jet technology. New mechanics like slippery ice surfaces and frozen balls make the path to the hole more challenging.


Walkabout Mini Golf VR is available for Quest 3, Quest 2, Quest Pro, PC-VR, PlayStation VR 2 and Pico 4. Thanks to the successful multiplayer mode, it's perfect for a relaxing round of virtual mini golf with friends and acquaintances while chatting about God and the world.

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