New VR game will let you brawl like Fight Club

New VR game will let you brawl like Fight Club

Organized bare-knuckle fighting is illegal in most countries. But a new VR game makes it possible to do just that, without the risk of injury.

After the cheerful and cartoonish jump'n'run Ven VR Adventure (2021), the Polish studio Monologic Games is trying something completely different. VRSO: Bare Knuckle Fighting is a boxing simulation with realistic graphics and physics, in which things get pretty bloody, at least according to the first screenshots.

Due out later this year for Meta Quest 2, Playstation VR 2, and on Steam for PC VR headsets, the VR boxing game features single and multiplayer modes, as well as a training mode. And in all three, the action gets fierce.

Fight your way up

In single-player mode, you'll compete against 16 opponents as you gradually rise to become the champion of the VRSO (Virtual Reality Sport Organization) league. Each fighter is said to bring different skills and fighting styles to the table, challenging you in different ways.

You can prepare for fights in the training mode, which allows you to configure your opponent and decide how defensive or offensive he will fight, as well as define his behavior and qualities like reflexes, speed, endurance, and others.

A fist flies towards a badly beaten opponent.

This VR game is not for the faint-hearted. | Image: Monologic Games

All animations have been created using motion capture technology – in cooperation with professional fighters. As a result, our in-game opponents have all the necessary fighting skills – such as offensive and defensive movement, distraction, dodging, blocks, pivots, fades, attacks, combos," the studio writes.

Finally, you can compete against friends in multiplayer mode. The VR game comes with a ranking, experience and currency system. You will be able to customize your fighter's appearance with the prize money.


Impressive graphics - on Meta Quest 2?

The studio responsible claims that the first screenshots are from the Quest 2 version of the game. But they almost looks too good to be true. According to Monologic Games, the team had Quest's performance and capabilities in mind from the very beginning of the game's development.

The studio is planning a beta next, for which you can sign up on the VR game's Discord server. A trailer with gameplay scenes has also been announced, which will probably make it easier to judge the final graphics.

Will older VR boxing sims The Thrill of the Fight and Creed: Rise to Glory finally get some strong competition? We will find out later this year on Meta Quest, PSVR 2 and PC VR headsets.

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