VRIDER SBK comes to Meta Quest with fast-paced superbike action

VRIDER SBK comes to Meta Quest with fast-paced superbike action

Get on your virtual motorcycles. Vrider SBK is now available on Meta Quest App Lab and offers realistic simulations of superbike races.


The superbike racing game Vrider SBK is now available on App Lab in a special version for Meta Quest 2, Quest 3 and Quest Pro. The game uses advanced technologies such as the proprietary racing engine Funny Tales - Flamingo PHSX. and a high-resolution, VR-optimised asset rendering pipeline to deliver a realistic and intense superbike racing simulation.

According to the developers, Vrider offers multiple customisation options for motorcycles, tyre traction control and driving aids, as well as extensive accessibility settings. This is to ensure that all players, regardless of ability or physical limitations, can enjoy the experience of superbike racing.

A special feature is the MotionWellness technology, which is still in beta. It is designed to allow you to customise your experience for maximum comfort by providing tools that allow you to easily adjust game settings. The system is designed to make Vrider enjoyable for everyone, preserving the thrill of racing without compromising on comfort.

For a limited time, the game is available in the App Lab at a price of $19.99. The developers have announced that the official version of Vrider, which will be available in the Meta Quest Store this summer, will enhance the gaming experience with additional content and features. These include 12 official WSBK tracks, a fast-paced multiplayer PvP race and a single-player driving school.



A realistic motorcycle racing simulation for VR

The racing game is being developed by Funny Tales Studio, based in Milan and Imola, with 25 employees and experienced developers from racing games such as F1 Racing Championship, MotoGP and Superbike World Championship.

It will be published by the new Miami-based VR studio VRAL. VRAL is made up of experts in gaming, hardware and AI, and has developed its own technologies for Vrider. These include the proprietary VR Racing Engine, machine learning trained AI opponents and MotionWellness technology.

Vrider promises a realistic racing experience with the official Superbike bikes, riders, and tracks of the SBK World Championship. In addition to a multi-stage tutorial, there are various game modes including time trials, races against AI opponents, endurance challenges, a world championship and multiplayer modes.

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