VRChat to disappear from the Meta Quest 1

VRChat to disappear from the Meta Quest 1

Following VR games like Myst and Onward, the popular social VR app VRChat will soon stop receiving updates for Quest 1.

Launched in 2019, the Meta Quest 1 is slowly heading for the sidelines. Meta announced the end of the original Quest a few months ago. The company already stopped updating the Quest 1. Meta also canceled plans for new social features like Horizon Home and parties.

Meanwhile, third-party studios also have the option to pull the plug on Quest 1 support. VRChat announced in a developer update that it will no longer support Meta's first standalone VR headset after June 30th, 2023.

Is the end of Meta Quest 1 approaching?

"Tickets opened with our User Support team regarding the Meta Quest 1 after that date will be informed that we no longer support the HMD and will not be able to provide assistance to users using it," the studio explained.

The company cites the end of Meta's Quest 1 support. Meta's departure from the Quest 1 software development kit prevents developers from keeping VRChat properly updated.


The studio notes that users can still connect their Quest 1 to a gaming PC to use the application. The headset still works via a USB cable or wirelessly via Quest Link, Virtual Desktop, or ALVR. However, these tools may also soon run into support problems. Quest 1 users should keep an eye open for further announcements.

Multiplayer games that rely on the same SDK version for smooth operation are particularly affected by the changes. For example, the third-party MMO Zenith: The Last City will also no longer launch on Quest 1 as of September 15th.

Click here for the latest patch notes in VRChat (2023.2.2), which include new features like flexible avatar bones and a new "Guided Mode" for an easier start.

Sources: VRChat